Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Man Appreciation Day

I have been working up a storm trying to get my online teaching portfolio ready so that I can apply to school boards in the area. It is a lot of work and I am not even sure I can get my foot in the door with the abundance of teachers seeking employment and the relatively few spots on the supply list. I was getting very stressed out about this, but a couple of things recently made me forget that stress.

The first thing that happened was that Pete, Xavier and I went ice fishing with Pete's parents yesterday. It was a beautiful, windless day which allowed us to be outside with Tornado Xav instead of huddled in the ice huts. While we didn't catch anything, and Grampa's snow machine died out on the ice, we did get the chance to see Xav enjoy the snow. After so many days of -35 degree Celsius weather (with the wind chill), it was so great to watch Grampa pull Little Man in a sled; Xav's feet kicking in delight throughout the ride. It was also funny to see Little Man try to maneuver in the snow wearing his big snow suit. We must have taken a thousand pictures and videos of Xav on his grand adventure.

The second thing that helped me forget my job hunting stress was coming across the blog Sew Liberated. I was looking for more information on "montessori beds", a term I had noticed on a few message boards recently, and I came across a discussion board that mentioned the Sew Liberated blog. The author has two great examples of child rooms using a montessori bed (basically a small bed on the floor that a child can get in to and out of on his/her own). After checking out those posts, I looked through some of the other entries and came across the story of one of her sons who has had to have several heart surgeries since birth. I have to say that I felt like a creepster being able to read such a personal story about someone I do not know, but I also found the story very touching.

I am still surprised at how emotional I have become since giving birth to Xavier. To read about a sick baby from his mother's point of view made me feel as though the blog posts were about Xavier. I thought about what I would do if Xavier needed surgeries, and how Pete and I would deal with it. When I read about the author's son's happy times (he seems to never stop smiling), it really made me feel joyful for this family that I do not know. Is that creepy? To read about someone else's personal life? To feel sad about a total stranger's sadness or joyful reading about her family's joy? I guess I think its just an example of the connections that the world that blogging has created. Regardless of whether or not it is odd, it certainly helped me to appreciate the people around me more than I had been recently.

Both events yesterday, though so different, caused me to stop and realize that life is a way bigger picture than what I had been narrowly focusing on. While getting work in teaching is my goal, and very important, stressing out about it does not make it any more likely that I will achieve that goal. I have my dreamboat and my Little Man. Life is good.