Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh Yeah, I Started a Blog...

I am not a procrastinator, I am just the mother of a 7 month old tornado named Xavier. Yes, that is the excuse I am sticking to. Otherwise I'm sure there would have been daily updates complete with witty anecdotes and staggeringly amazing writing [sound of crickets]...Ahem...Maybe not. Nonetheless, I am here now.

Topic: Hurricane Xavier
I am starting to realize that I am going to be the mother you see chasing after a screaming ball of energy...
In church...
At a funeral...

Little Man and I just finished our third class of Mommy and Baby Yoga this past Wednesday. At the first class Xav crawled onto the blanket of the baby next to him, mesmerized by his colourful baby blanket. The second week Little Man branched out a little further and crawled over to several of the other babies and started to eat their toys. This past week, Xav not only crawled over to various other babies blankets to play with their toys, but also managed to get his mouth on another baby's bottle before I could stop him. This was before he tried to stick his finger in the outlet and then was so focused on getting one child's toy that he climbed on him.

It doesn't matter how much the ladies in the class claim that it is okay that Little Man is ripping around our peaceful yoga class causing a ruckus, I am always so embarrassed. In my mind Xav must be pushing his limits with other people's patience. How long would you let a strange baby each your child's toys and crawl all over you before you started judging the mom? I find it a hard mix of trying to relax into yoga because I need it and attempting to twist my body in weird ways during poses to see what Little Man is up to.

If there were other babies crawling around it would not be such a big deal to me, but in my mind there are all these peaceful blobs chilling out with their mom's and then my guy on his rampage. I had wanted to sign up for the class again because it is nice talking to other mom's in a small group setting, but I wonder if there is any point when it leaves me so stressed out in the end. Where are all the other high energy babies? Are their mom's just too afraid to take them out in public?

Maybe I just need to invest in a bouncy castle that I can keep inflated in the back yard, to be used prior to yoga class. Thoughts?


  1. Are the other babies the same age? I can't imagine anyone judging you for a baby doing what seems perfectly natural and normal!

  2. There is another little one who is about two weeks younger but he is in the blobby stage. I think I am just overreacting. I am way overtired right now. Sleep will make all the difference. :)